Marian Woods Staff



The Executive Director is responsible for providing leadership and management for the community of Marian Woods based upon a wellness model for the residents. Responsibilities include overseeing daily operations as well as staff supervision and development of wellness and life enriching programs. The Executive Director is also responsible for implementing the policies and objectives of the Board of Directors and acts as the decision making authority in all organizational and operational matters. In addition, the Executive Director recommends and develops policies for the facility.


The Controller is responsible for all internal and external audits of the facility along with ensuring appropriate accounting controls, documentation of policies and procedures, and produces monthly financial statements.  In addition, the Controller prepares and oversees the annual budget as well as performs banking and investing functions, processes a bi-weekly payroll, administers employee benefits, and manages cash flow.  The Controller acts as a cashier and banker for resident funds and manages the facility’s petty cash accounts.  In the absence of the Executive Director the Controller assumes the duties of the Executive Director.


The Case Manager is responsible for providing services that foster independence, community inclusion and physical/emotional health. Also, the Case Manager assists the Residents in adjusting to life in the residence and to changes at various stages in their personal lives. In addition, the Case Manager links residents to all entitlements and benefits as well as community resources in order to meet various needs including health care. The Case Manager also encourages social interactions with others outside the residence as well as participation in residential and community activities.


The Director of Maintenance is responsible for preventive maintenance and repairs on the buildings, grounds, related systems and equipment. Also, the Director of Maintenance maintains safety standards, including conducting fire drills; oversees the work of vendors/contractors. The Director of Maintenance assures that all required inspections and/or certificates are current and maintains inventories of basic supplies. In addition, the Director of Maintenance is responsible for setting up and dismantling equipment in the building and on the grounds for special events and holidays. He also performs work requests for resident.


The Health Care Coordinator oversees and participates in all aspects of health services for the Residents in accordance with policy and adult home regulations and provides supervision of the Personal Care Aides. The Health Care Coordinator also coordinates services necessary to meet the health care and wellness needs of the residents. In addition, the Health Care Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of medication assistance procedures, including but not limited to, order and storing medications, medication administration records and the disposal of medications.


The Pastoral Care Coordinator provides a range of spiritual services that embrace the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of the human person as a member of an interdisciplinary team, committed to providing a program of integrated care. The Pastoral Care Coordinator also oversees and performs functions that support the spiritual life of persons at Marian Woods such as scheduling liturgies and prayer services, arranging opportunities for spiritual direction, facilitating group sharings and assuming responsibility for chapel environment.


The Personal Care Aides (PCA’s) provide direction and some assistance to the Residents with grooming, dressing, bathing, toileting, eating and physical movement. The PCA’s assist Residents in the self-administration of medication and change bed linens as needed. In addition, the PCA’s assist the Residents in laundering their belongings and clothes as needed. They encourage and facilitate Residents in social and recreational activities as needed.


The Recreational Therapist plans, delivers and coordinates social and recreational activities for the Residents. Also, the Recreational Therapist schedules a diverse program that reflects such things as the Resident’s interests, physical and mental capabilities and backgrounds. In addition, the Recreational Therapist arranges for activities within the residence by community groups and service providers. The Recreational Therapist insures that the program provides opportunities for active and passive participation, and includes individual, small group and large group activities.


The driver provides transportation for Residents for medical appointments and other destinations as needed and insures all maintenance and repairs of the vehicle(s) are done in a timely manner with the least disruption of services to the Residents. The driver assists the Residents in getting in and out of the vehicle(s). In addition the driver arranges the schedule to maximize the number of Residents that can be accommodated. When not driving, the driver utilizes time to constructively contribute to the overall functioning of Marian Woods.


The Executive Assistant is responsible for on going and ad hoc tasks necessary to support the work of the Executive Director. Tasks include maintaining records, compiling reports, overseeing communication systems and liaison with vendors. The Executive Assistant provides assistance in assuring compliance with State mandated requirements and provides on-going assistance to the Finance office. In addition, the Executive Assistant provides direct assistance to the Residents and records and distributes the minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meetings.


The dietary staff prepares all meals and serves meals to the Residents. Some special diet requests can be accommodated by the dietary staff. Menus are posted outside the dining room three weeks in advance.